«We possess a strong passion for developing and delivering unique, sophisticated results. This, in combination with our ability to fully grasp the needs of our clients, meet deadlines and streamline the final vision, have been the formula for our success.»


Decoration is a life style.

Beauty and inspiration are integral parts of life and can be found all around us. For Sissy Feida Interiors, applying this kind of aesthetic in our work is paramount.

Each client has different requirements and aspirations and we are committed to handle each project as a unique, interesting challenge.

A high level of ergonomics, selectiveness, innovative design and awareness of contemporary trends, as well as great attention to detail, are some of the key aspects characterising our work ethic.

Passion for the development of a unique, sophisticated space, combined with a love for the pursuit of perfection and the accomplishment of the original vision, is the formula for our success.