Hospitality, joy, playfulness and most notably a strong sense of style are the main ingredients behind this project, as Sissy Feida and her group bring to life the ‘Miller’ in Glyfada.

Being an all-day bakery in its core, Miller is greatly located on a central part of the coastal road in Glyfada, with a breathtaking view of the sea. This place meets all needs, as you can enjoy food, snacks, coffee and drinks in a fun and welcoming environment.

The central notion behind this shop is its diversity, a place where you can find breadstuff, sandwiches, baked goods, fine coffee and drinks!
Based on this way of thinking, its more classic aesthetic became the creative base upon which a few contemporary elements and a strong handful of colors combine all in one. After all, creating a warm, cozy and friendly space is and has always been our office’s ultimate purpose.

The black painted exterior with the metallic lanterns and decorative corbels is pairing up with beautiful flower arrangements in window boxes, resulting in a façade that much resembles an old time classic café. Nevertheless, the abundance of materials, colors and textures that’s on the inside, are bound to impress anyone who comes in.

Coral and emerald tiles are being loosely arranged on the floor, enhancing the symmetry and playfulness of the mustard, blue and ivory colored show cases and pillars. This particularly characteristic design spreads from corner to corner in every space, even the restroom, and in every decorative choice, such as the ornate bookcase in the rear of the shop.

Colorful art pieces hang from the walls, while the white marble-topped tables gently complement the bright yellow, bordeaux and cypress green chairs.
An artificial climbing ivy completely covers two distinct surfaces and four dazzling chandeliers beautifully hover over the space. Such attention to balance and detail grants this place a fresh and reviving atmosphere and underscores a laidback and ingenuous style.