The new k for Kiku restaurant in glamorous Matoyiannia, in the heart of Mykonos, introduces the Nikkei cuisine to Cyclades, in a space designed to maintain the island’s renowned Mediterranean essence.

Located among the graphic Mykonian narrow streets, this place offers a combination of Peruvian simplicity and Japanese tradition. Colorful pillows with geometric patterns and airy custom made light fixtures, made out of ropes, were used to create a joyful summer mood. In k for Kiku, customers and visitors who wish for some privacy are bound to find a desirable seclusion in the restaurant’s premises. Its majestic backyard with the blooming boungavillea tree and casual decoration define this restaurant’s unique character.

Also, the indoors cocktail bar can satisfy even the most elite clientele. In this part of the restaurant, the shiny black screed, which covers both the floor and the bar, and the turquoise hidden lights create an intriguing sense of mystery.