about SISSY

Sissy Feida is a Greek interior designer with a love of harmony, an obsession with flawless aesthetics and a talent to transform her client’s vision into environments where architectural balance meets artistic authenticity.

She creates unique residential, commercial and hospitality spaces, while her collection of lifestyle products is an ever – evolving design challenge resulting in unique decorative and functional art pieces.

SF Interiors’ collection of art pieces, carpets, lighting and furniture items was initiated by a creative desire for a complete aesthetic suggestion, only to grow into a unique range of custom made and branded collections, but also one-of-a-kind, signature pieces with a strong identity and distinct quality.

Sissy is very much loved by the media, and she has showcased her work through her longstanding TV presence, while she has worked with companies like H&M Hellas, Lanitis SA, Samsung, Sony and Leroy Merlin and has given lectures at various school and organization workshops.

Her unquenched curiosity and her commitment to elegance, brand her as the go-to designer for a personalized approach alongside a universal attitude.