Our Services

and interior design studio
was founded twenty years ago and today it operates offices and showrooms in Athens and London, undertaking an impressive number of tailor-made and unique projects around the world. A multidisciplinary approach to design has set up the studio to become a hub for many different and complementary attributes while branching out on a rich variety of projects, labeled today as one of the best design agencies in Europe.

Our services include

the interior and architectural design of Residences, Hospitality, Commercial and Yachting spaces, while furniture to lighting and bespoke art objects to clothing, or custom made, one-of-a-kind rugs are our little passion projects.

  • Sophisticated results.
  • A multi-leveled ability to fully grasp the needs of our clients.
  • An obsession for meeting deadlines.

This is the alchemy for our success.


Each project is a fascinating challenge

to enter the world of our client. One that we choose to approach with selectiveness, innovative design and awareness of contemporary trends, as well as great attention to detail.


AD Middle East, Yli & Ktirio, Ek Magazine, Cozy Home, Casa Viva, Furniture & Space, Epsilon, Deluxe, Gourmet, Madame Figaro, Blue, Maison Figaro, OK, Hello, You, In Style, Down Town, Athens Magazine and many more.




The studio team loves to participate in projects with a special social impact, such as their work with the parents-teachers association of the Primary School in Deryneia, Cyprus, to create the ‘Joy Hall’. This very special project involved building a modern recreational space for local children, where school events and fun/ educational activities could take place. The team also shaped the oor plan and the color palette of the Ark of the World foundation, as well as the Magic Diabetes Bus of the NGO “Me odigo ton diaviti” (“lead by diabetes”).