Skiptro Scented Candle



Maxima scented candle 270gr of ‘Zeus Collection’, a fine accessory in glass vessel with silk-screen print, featuring the skiptro pattern (Greek: Σκήπτρο/Skiptro), a symbol of leadership and honor. A blend of bergamot, rose flower, jasmine, violet, raspberry, musk, cedar, ambergris and gurjum, that creates a unique experience of senses in your space. Pick it up either as one home accessory or along with the diffuser. Every piece of our luxury home fragrance collection comes in our beautiful signature packaging.

Fragrance: Maxima
Top notes: bergamot, rose flower
Middle notes: jasmine, violet, raspberry
Base notes: musk, cedar, ambergris, gurjum

Additional information

Dimensions 9 × 9 cm

Natural wax with 100% cotton wick, Silk-screen print on glass

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